Project Description


Pointe d'Esny Le Village

Branding and launch campaign

Advertising | Brand & Communication Strategy | Digital & Social Media


Pointe d’Esny is an iconic village in the wild South East of Mauritius. The challenge was to pay tribute to the magic of the place and make it a destination of choice in a very busy real estate market…and connect it with the audience with a simple brand identity and a communication campaign imparting the unique experience of the venue.


While many recent property projects have positioned themselves with an ostentatious lifestyle offering, Pointe d’Esny Le Village stands out with a simple and fulfilling experience, far from the hectic pace of modern day living. We invited the target audience to take time to feel, to listen, to share, to love… to live, and get back to the simple essentials of life. The brand movie depicts, in a very powerful way, all the sensations one can experience in Pointe d’Esny. The brand identity reflects the exquisite colours of the surroundings: green of nature and lagoon blue.

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